Derk Over hosts workshops on roleplay culture and queer identities. The following workshops are available

Drag Make Up Transformation

Duration: 180 minutes

a visual workshop where a philosophical conversation about the topic of drag is combined with a makeup workshop. Participants will be asked to explore their own personality aspects through the metaphor of the colours of a diamond. Afterwards, after isolating one personality aspect, they will start creating their drag alter ego with makeup.
Makeup and materials are provided by Queer Arcana

Collective Worldbuilding Workshop

Duration: 180 minutes

In this workshop, people will create a fictional universe by drawing and writing on a large PVC sheet with whiteboard markers. Through guided questions and assignments, the group will create a world in which they will play a small roleplaying story.

After having created the fictional world, participants will create their character by transforming themselves at a makeup table.

After the transformation, a game master (Derk Over) will narrate a 1,5 hour roleplaying session based on the fictional world the participants provided. Participants will navigate through the story with the help of roleplay, and a small game system.
Roodkapje Rotterdam,
VOX-POP Amsterdam,
What You See Festival,
Queer Film Festival Utrecht,
Stedelijk Museum Twente,
Le Guess Who