Marble Looks Back is an interactive XR installation wherein a participant visits Marble, a projected hologram of a game character.

Marble, who is puppeteered by an actor in VR, engages with the participant in an existential conversation about the awkwardness of
interacting through a projection screen.

The installation explores questions on the nature of
the physical world versus cyberspace. Furthermore it plays with the possibility of both the game character and the participant secretly wanting to live in each other's world.

Marble Looks Back is a collaboration between Innovation:Lab of Theater Utrecht and supported by Stimuleringsfonds Digital Cultuur. It's a project focused on exploring digital tools for emerging theatre makers such as XR technology. 

(In development)

Pictures by: @benjaminpompe

Concept design: Derk Over
Visual Design: Benjamin Pompe, Nathan Marcus
Supported by: Stimuleringsfonds Digitale Cultuur (2022)
Theater Utrecht (2023)