The Queer Arcana Webseries is a grand scale experiment on the intersection of tabletop roleplaying games, theatre, and drag culture. The Queer Arcana Webseries have been made possible by Stimuleringsfonds Digitale Cultuur, Theater Kikker, Cultuur 19, and The What You See Festival.

The videos of the Queer Arcana Webseries are put in chronological order and will combine into a 20+ hour viewing experience with a single story. 

Featured and supported by:
Gemeente Utrecht (2021)
Stimuleringsfonds Digitale Cultuur (2021)
Theater Kikker (2021)
Cultuur 19 (2021)
What You See Festival (2020)

Editing: Derk Over
Audio: Freya Terpsta 
Performance by: John Togba, Iris de Grauw, Tiva Pam, Sasahara, Lars Reen, Billy Cain, Freya Terpstra, Derk Over, Iris Jurgens
Supported by: Stimuleringsfonds Digitale Cultuur, Gemeente Utrecht