Queer Arcana Chaos Form is an interactive game-theatre performance for up to 100 people, where the participants create a Dungeons and Dragons story for a group of Queer Arcana drag performers through the use of Mentimeter.

Through combining improvisation theatre and a tabletop roleplaying game system, Queer Arcana performers bring life to the world and story communally created by the audience. 

Duration: 120 minutes
The Overkill Festival (2022)
Le Guess Who Festival (2023)
MU Hybrid Art House (2023)

Pictures by: @tivaap @thequeerarcana

Production: Derk Over
Performance: Derk Over, Sasahara, Iris de Grauw, Lars Reen, John Togba

Technical assistent: Tiva Pam
Produced in: 2022, 2023