Lecture: Fantasy, Gaming, and the Non-binary state

This lecture will discuss how the evolution of nonbinary drag has influenced how the queer/nonbinary community has evolved in their discussion of gender identity.

In the case of drag, experimenting with these fantasies (costumes, make up) is in strong connection to how we relate to ourselves in our real world identities.

We will also zoom in on the recent revival of TTRPG’s (tabletop role playing games) and how it causes a lot of queer/non-queer gamers to use games like Dungeons and Dragons (and live action roleplay, LARP) as a tool to roleplay characters/avatars of all genders and orientations, as a safe playingfield to test out potential new idenities for in “real life”.

Duration: 90 minutes
BAK Utrecht (2022)
Hackers and Designers (2022)
Het Nieuwe Instituut (2022)
Culturele Zondag Bibliotheek
Utrecht (2023)

Pictures by: @varloc666 

Credits voor productie: Derk Over, Sasahara, Lars Reen, Varlo
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